Looking for a fun and friendly activity for a reunion or get together?  Choose between a day-long group rental or a two-hour kayak adventure wherever and whenever you'd like! A paddle and life jacket is included with each rental.

  • Two-Hour Kayaking Adventures: You pick the date, time, location and leave the rest to us! $15 per person and an extra $20 to rent a kayak (includes shuttling, if needed). Up to seven rentals available. Minimum group of four people. If shuttling is needed for your adventure, there is an extra $5 fee unless you rented a kayak. Any location past 20 miles from Beloit is an extra small fee.

  • Day-Long Group Rentals: Rentals are offered at an affordable price with a minimum of four kayaks and a maximum of seven kayaks. Group rentals are $40 per kayak for the whole day at the lake of your choosing! Free delivery up to 20 miles from Beloit, WI.

  • Shuttling: If you have your own kayaks and only need to be shuttled from the take out (your car) to the launch, the fee is $20 per person and 50 cents per mile.

Please include the following in your message: date, time frame, location, amount of people, amount of rentals, if shuttling is needed, and anything else you will need for your adventure.



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